International Women’s Day Celebration

Honourbirth Foundation management and staff, the Opi Committee, the Nigerian News Guide Presenter and the Adolescent Girls Club marched observed a road walk today, 14th March, 2022, in the land of Oforola/Olaukwu Communities, starting from the Ekegbuehi market square down to Federal College of Land Resources Technology, Oforola (FECOLAT) in recognition of the International Women’s Day titled “Break the Bias”.

All forms of bias, molestation, victimization, etc that women and girls are often exposed to where mentioned and the need for them to rise and break them off their shoulders was harped on.
The need for women to speak out when their rights are violated and the right place to go to when the need for that arises were greatly emphasized.

At FECOLAT, Dr Jonah Chukwu Marcylo the deputy Provost academics expressed on behalf of the school management his gratitude to the group for the awareness, he said that the school offers it’s certificate based on character and learning worthiness.

He encouraged the adolescent girls to acquire tertiary education as it is the key to women and girls emacipation.

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