Honourbirth Foundation held an open air awareness creation activity at the Ekegbuehi Oforola market day today being the 8th December, 2021 to mark the 16 days of activism to challenge VAW.

The foundation sensitized the women on harmful traditional norms that promote VAWG, strengthened the capacity of women to challenge the culture of silence among women. It also used the activity to sensitize women on the dangers associated with FGM. She also told them that the common type of FGM is the type 4 and it has the same consequences as other types of FGM. The women were informed of the law in Imo State that punishes offenders as well as charged them to report cases of FGM to relevant agencies and the foundation.

The women members of the Opi committee co-facilitated while the adolescent girls club members of Oforola community secondary school attended the program.


  1. The community women and traders became aware of the law in Imo state that prohibits FGM and the penalty provided for offenders.
  2. That type 4 of FGM has similar health implications like the other types of FGM.
  3. That FGM is an act of violence against women and girls and should be reported.
  4. That FGM is not to prepare a girl for a blissful marriage live, but was designed by men to limit women from fully enjoying their sexual and reproductive rights.
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