Today is a significant day in History.

Women all over the world begin our 16 days of activism. In this season, we draw attention to various issues, we draw attention to various issues of women.

Our key concern today is the rising insecurity and increasing vulnerability of women and girls in Nigeria.

Insecurity affects us in diverse ways. Lives are drastically and dramatically changed. We are concerned about the absence of women at the peace building table.

We are concerned about the implications of Violence to physical, mental and emotional health of women and girls.

We worry over daily loss of lives, displacement of families, rising food insecurity, childhood marriage and increasing source of vvf, high girl child dropout of schools and GBV.

We call on government, the relevant institutions and civil society groups to rise to the challenge of creating safer world for all people.

Women are demanding an end to weaponizing poverty and sexual exploitation of women and girls which is exacerbated by insecurity.

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